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Nuzlocke in Italiano by sora1589 Nuzlocke in Italiano :iconsora1589:sora1589 1 17 Pokemon Advent Challenge by sora1589 Pokemon Advent Challenge :iconsora1589:sora1589 3 0 Spirit Day by sora1589 Spirit Day :iconsora1589:sora1589 8 5 Baby Kasi by sora1589 Baby Kasi :iconsora1589:sora1589 1 4 Sea Dragon by sora1589
Mature content
Sea Dragon :iconsora1589:sora1589 5 8
AkuRoku Day by sora1589 AkuRoku Day :iconsora1589:sora1589 1 2
Wake me up when september ends
Wake me when September ends
The sun's final light fades behind me as I lie on our couch and watch the curtains darken. The chill in the air reminds us that winter wasn't long ago. I think of you out working in the cold and dark but the empathy takes a moment to hit. Am I too cold? I think our summer's past and I don't know if I can make it through our next fifty years together.
I remember my father standing strong beside my mum. How many years have passed since he left I wonder? More than I care to count or remember. How am I meant to emulate the one man I've learnt to despise? What will come of us if I stay? Can I risk the world, my world, to try and fail? No. I think it's better to wait, wait and wait. Wake me up when it's over.
The rain begins, you'll be walking through it later, and the pattering on our roof relaxes me. I recall our early years. So many years. Living, breathing, loving. But time's passed, it's had to, and I don't know if we work the same. When the time come
:iconsora1589:sora1589 2 2
Rikku by sora1589 Rikku :iconsora1589:sora1589 1 0
Momiji's Affirmations
Chapter 1
I walk over from the doorway and sit down beside her bed where she is sleeping soundly. For a time I just look at her, her soft brown hair and peaceful expression sweetly complimented by the soft breeze entering from the hospital room's open window which gently plays with her hair.
"Ahh, I guess your sleeping, right Tohru? Well I guess that's a good thing, you need your sleep to get all better and go back to being your cheerful, kind self" I smiled softly, "things are to quite without you".
It had been a week since Tohru had been admitted to the hospital, after falling from the edge of a cliff while in Akito's company. Momiji was one of her most frequent visitors, with the exceptions of Saki, Arisa and Yuki. Between themselves they managed to keep her company for most of the time she was hospitalized.
I lie back in the cushioned chair, and let my mind wander while Tohru slept on. Kyo had been banned from visiting Tohru by her bodyguards Saki and Arisa. I did my best to
:iconsora1589:sora1589 0 2
RoyRiza postchapter102 spoiler by sora1589 RoyRiza postchapter102 spoiler :iconsora1589:sora1589 6 2
Two strong legs
As I sit in my hospital bed I hear the soft footsteps entering the room, the door closing with the latch catching with a quite metallic click. I didn't need to open my eyes to know who had come. Not that she hadn't been beside me almost every minuet regardless. Even when I'd told her not to.
"Open your eyes Colonel"
I choose to look towards the window in the opposite direction instead. At least with my eyes closed I can pretend to have control over what I can't see.
I hear her shoes scuffing the linoleum and then feel her weight beside me shift the hospital bed. I don't move away. But I don't look back at her either. And some people think I'm stubborn?
The edge to her voice surprised me. She hardly ever called me Roy… to my face at least. But then my heart lurched. My stoic Riza, my guardian, my conscience and my queen… was crying?
:iconsora1589:sora1589 2 3
The first morning of the earth
I stand with my 6 foot short-board jutting up out of the sand beside me and the cool shallows of the ocean shore lapping at my feet. Inviting me. Enticing me.
I watch the sun peek over the crystalline horizon. Lighting the clouds and colouring the sky in vibrant hues of purple, red, pink and gold. Sending wild sapphire glints across the ocean's deep blues.
I watch the sea's curves and pulls along the beach and close my eyes embrace it. Somewhere between it being an extension, a part, of my own being and something far greater and distinctly holy.
I stretch my arms and feel my wetty stretch with me, I pick up my board, walk into the water and begin my morning tribute to life and the forever first morning of the Earth.
:iconsora1589:sora1589 2 6
Angel by sora1589 Angel :iconsora1589:sora1589 10 9 Bree's Bee by sora1589 Bree's Bee :iconsora1589:sora1589 0 2
Gary Misty, You and Me
Authors note: Read while listening to 'You and Me' by Lifehouse :D
Through the entrance of the chapel Misty's three older sisters and May enter in identical brides maids dresses, each coloured in the girls favourite colours, and I hold my breath for my fiancé to walk through the doors behind them.
Around the corner of the door I finally see her, with my best man Ash taking the place of her father, and begin the walk down the aisle towards me.
I can't keep my eyes off of her.
The candles light the room with a soft warm light as we eat the dinner I'd made myself, her favourite seafood, just for this occasion. Her favourite playlist plays quietly in the background of our conversations about each other's days with the rhythmic ticking of the clock in the background the only thing reminding us that time is actually passing.
As the meal comes to a close my heart beats quicker and the ring in my pocket feels bigger and heavier with e
:iconsora1589:sora1589 5 13
Aerith's traveling soldier
Chapter 4
“Come on Areith! We’ll be late soon” I hear Tifa’s voice travel up my hallway and I pull on my last boot. Today’s the final for the local football team. We decided we would make a night of it. We were going to Zack’s home town for this game so we had a bit of a drive. So in the end part of going was to support Misty as she did her solo in front of the huge crowd and also so I could take a look around Zack’s home town and where he’d grown up.
“Coming” I yell back down the hall as my boot finally agrees to be pulled on. I grab my bag and spin around, watching my new skirt flow out around me, and head to the living room.
We all bundle into the car. We were all exited as it was one of the first outings that Cloud had felt up to attending since he’d come back. It was a huge step forward.
We walk and walk as we move towards the game. The lights shine out across the car park and the field as the stadium is transformed int
:iconsora1589:sora1589 6 60

Random Favourites

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Journal History

Heres where I've been

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 31, 2010, 9:25 PM
Well I decided to put a journal up that I will leave on my front page just to make things easier :D I'll post the main stuff here and put links to my other journal entries too, so, now to start...



Trip to Japan: someday soooooooon


Random fun stuff about me

If you wanna get to know me then go here it's just some random fun things about me, like replying to tags and stuff when I get bored, so if your interested....go see that and check it out


Latest happenings

It's the end of a tumultuous three years. A belated post-uni gap year to work out what I wanted to do with my life post uni.... the answer to which was start another two year degree! Which I have just graduated from. Now I have an awesome job, some direction and actual genuine free time :D. So I shall be able to devote myself more to the arts I love.

LiliNeko was kind enough to gift me an awesome year long DA subscription :love: so I shall try to make the most of it. Expect new arts to be coming your way this year *makes goal list*.

On the plus side, new excellent job, family and friends are happy and well, I'm happy and well and all signs point to an optamistic 2015. I wish the same to anyone reading this :glomp: and anyone who doesn't feel this way and wants to chat I'm just a message away.

Oh, and getting into the new pokemon games :D anyone who wants to trade/chat pokemon feel free to :heart:.


Well I can't really think of much more right now, but when I do I'll add it here K :)

Cya ya all next time :D

  • Listening to: Jack Johnson!!!!! *loves*
  • Reading: Doctor Who 50th anniversary books
  • Watching: City lights
  • Playing: Pokemon X/Sapphire!
  • Eating: Snag sandwich
  • Drinking: Vino rosso hehe


the little one~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: University of Canberra
Favorite genre of music: Country/Blues/Light metal/Pop...basically everything but Rap and Dance haha
Favorite style of art: Anime/Photography
Operating System: Windows Vista *wants my XP back, but I'll get used to it)
MP3 player of choice: mine XD...the one I use in my dreams...
Shell of choice: PASTA shells!! I love them ^_^
Wallpaper of choice: Fruits Basket/Full Metal Alchemist
Skin of choice: blue/green/mine....
Favourite cartoon character: TT_TT to hard to pick...many characters from all my favorite animes/Mangas and other shows/books
Personal Quote: "Everyone has something to teach you, yes everyone"


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it's nice to see you're still active from time to time! I hope youre doing well
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Same to you :) It's been a long while. Life's finally gotten busy now that I'm working full time. I do miss trawling through DA and having lots of time to draw though (plus I'm getting out of practice) I hope you're well!
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Thankyou :love:
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