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Kasi Fae Cora by sora1589 Kasi Fae Cora by sora1589
Well this is my last deviation until my holidays (3 weeks) so I'm gonna make it count. This is MY OC Kasi. Those of you who are observant may recognise her from other pictures of red heads in my gallery. And those who are more observant may realise she no loner has long hair, there is a reason for this though, read below under the history comment K.

She is a character from my story, which is very slowly being put to paper (in the digital sense) and she is my most developed original character. This is my entry to :iconpurplenekochan:'s tournament :D it's really big and cool. So if I make it to the next round (where other people vote) I'll probably repost this so people know. Aaaannnnyyyyway without further stalling, I'll answer the points for the tournament.

Kasi Kittyko’s comp information

~ Age : 18

~ Special Abilities : She holds inside her/is the key to controlling the power-source that sustains Otherworld (A 'shadow' world that people who die go to) due to circumstances surrounding her birth (read below)

~ Stats :
Attack: (7)
Defence: (4)
Physical Endurance: (7)
Intelligence: (6)
Speed: (6)
Strength: (5)
Will: (9)

~ Personality : Brave, Careful, happy, innocent (before the book, but not to naive), a fighter and a touch of a romantic.

~ Likes/Dislikes :
Likes - Friends, Adoptive Father (see below), Issac, Kai, Sam Green, Most food (especially spicy food and pasta), Soccer, laughing, running and swimming

Dislikes - seafood, being alone, angry people, feeling isolated, sheltered or depressed.

~ History behind your char. :
Otherworld - A location ghosts go to, it actually looks like a normal world, it's basically all city though and there’s no water or food as such, as people don't need to eat or drink there. People who go there are basically either 'good' or 'bad' and while they all coexist there's no alternative) there are still some pretty strict dividing lines, 'good' people don't live where 'bad' people live, they have their own governments as such and when there is something of concern to both groups they take equal duty and cooperate. Otherworld is supported by an unknown form of energy which is basically self sustaining and can be seen in the form on a glowing orb in the centre of Otherworld (it's a flat land, not a spear). This orb also allows people in otherworld to view, and in extreme cases move between otherworld and earth. However it takes a LOT of energy to be transported between the worlds, so this is only used in times of great need. Time also moves at different paces in each world, 3 months in otherworld is roughly 16 years on Earth.
Kasi's history begins with her parents who lived in Otherworld. Her parents became involved with the first huge war over the control of the power-source maintaining otherworld which occurred between the two main groups living on Otherworld, namely, good and bad. After the death of both of Kasi’s parents shortly after her birth she is taken by her parents best friend and transported, with the method of controlling the energy to earth where she is adopted and raised for 16 years.
While she is 16 she is visited by members of the ‘good’ side of otherworld who encourage her to join up and leave earth. She chooses to shortly after and then finds herself, after half a year, seeing her adoptive father on his death bed. Being banned from returning to say goodbye to him she becomes mentally unstable and is confined to a room for her protection. She escapes and is found by her parents best friend, Issac, who protects her and explains her parents past to her. She then fights with the rebels Issac is with against the ‘good’ people who are after her. During the war she makes the decision to return to earth and remain hidden to protect the people of otherworld.
This is a picture showing her leaving, the necklace was given to her by Issac so she won’t forget the people of otherworld when she returns to earth. She leaves behind both Issac and her ‘boyfriend/lover/friend” Kai as well which makes this decision that much harder for her, as they would die if she stayed, and Kai wants her to stay more then anything else. So thats who she’s saying goodbye to here. Possibly more characters that I have yet to create.

~ Hobbies :
In her spare time Kasi (pre other-world period) enjoyed regular teen girl things, shopping, hanging out and thinking about guys. However, she also likes cooking (she cooked for her father often). She also swam and ran in various athletic competitions before otherworld.

Hope you liked that haha vvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrry long comment :D wish me luck K.

drawn on Photoshop CS3
Characters copywrite- meeeeeeeee aka Sora1589
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sora1589 Featured By Owner May 24, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww :heart::heart::heart::heart: :D thankyou Lili hehe. Mmm I put a fair amount of effort into her this time, I figure I could really use the money haha so I've tried my best here and had my cousin go over it till we were both happy. Sleep well Lili :D
LiliNeko Featured By Owner May 24, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
It was one of those projects that you just HAD to get it all nicely done and stuff huh :XD: ? Sometimes I hate that cause it takes so much extra time XD
sora1589 Featured By Owner May 24, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
tehe well it was optional really, because looking at the levels of most of the other artists I possibly overdid it, but, well I counted it as like a work thing, something I might be paid for, so I put in that extra effort, plus it was the first time I really tried to draw Kasi as how I see her looking, a lot of the other times were me as a developing artist practising skills, but this time I wanted to show my own style, So I spent a lot of time thinking about how I'd draw and the style I liked most of the ones I've played with. So yeah, this was more then just a contest entry I guess, it was a personal development thing too :) yeah it got irritating that it took so long to finish, though next time I'd say it's gonna be easier now that I know how I like to draw, but yeah that was that little extra effort I guess for the comp haha.
purplenekochan Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
thankeiz 4 enterin :)
loadz of appreciation XD
sora1589 Featured By Owner May 23, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D your welcome haha thanks for hosting such an awesome contest!
fatgoldfish91 Featured By Owner May 23, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i'm sure she is biased about seafood lol
it turned out awesome and i really like the rain overlay you put on the picture
holy cow thats an awesome history and i hope one day you end up writing/drawing this out =D
and good luuuuck :heart:
still havnt picked out colours for mine yet XD
sora1589 Featured By Owner May 23, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww thanksies haha love you, and I've started...ish I can send you what I've done so far. yeah so you like the new nose? I do :D yeah I can show you how to do that, it's to easy on photoshop :D :heart: love you and thanks for the commentsies *mwa*
fatgoldfish91 Featured By Owner May 23, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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